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mof47 by Raven-the-5th mof47 by Raven-the-5th
For the MoF challenge: Make a map showing the effects of a great conqueror living longer.

The conqueror for my map was Alexander of Molossus.

His invasion goes better, Alexander doesn't die at the battle of Pandosia. Defeats the Samnites, takes Benevento and it becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, renamed Alexandria. *
A period of Hellenisation followed in his wake, and in 310's Alexander and Agathocles of Syracuse attack Carthage, sacking the town and forcing great tribute from Carthage. The Sicily settlements along with Sardinia are humiliatingly given to the Greeks, along with much of her fleet.

Upon Alexander's death in 300 BC the crown passed to his son Neoptolemus. His reign was short, as he was murdered by Pyrrhus, who had been exiled from Epirus.

Now under his personal rule Viteliu has extended further north of the Tiber. He sacked Rome and bought the allegiance of the Etruscan cities by recreating the Duodecim, the league of Etruscan twelve cities. Pyrrhus has pushed the border of Viteliu north to along the Po River, fighting the Gallic tribes that live there. But not all are eager to bow to Alexandria. After the sacking of Rome the remaining Romans fled to the safety of Veii, where they plot revenge, sending envoys to Syracuse and Carthage, to seek an alliance against Pyrrhus...
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
This looks pretty interesting. The idea of a Hellenistic version of Rome (or rather, an Italian Alexandria) is bound to have changes down the line...
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